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A parking place with on-demand activities that promote neighborhood life for all. Replace the car you’re angry at!

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Making Cities 

Making cities 
for you

Making cities 

Making cities 


Stuck on a Project? 
Change of Scenery.

Description: Outdoor working session. Included : Chairs, Table, Flip chart, Wifi, Coffee (with an adequate playlist).
5 €/ h 



Romantic outdoor dîner. Included : a candlelight dinner for two people to four people, a 3-course menu and french wine (with an adequate playlist)
15€/ Person
2 – 4 People

Stay overnight

Experience another Berlin night.

Night under the stars. Included : bed, washing device, towl, candles.
42 €  21€/night – Special Offer

Board games

Play Wunder Board Games.

Invite your friends over a board game. Included : table, chairs, board games (chess, Monopoly, card games, Risk…)


Make your grumpy neighbor sing.

Organize your own outdoor event. Included : stage, mic, speakers.


No need to queue 
at your favorite café.

Enjoy your own café – private but in a perfect social environment. Included : Espresso machine, shakers, glasses (ingredients on request)
5 €/h

Ultimate Wunder

Create your Wunder.

Design yourself the Wunder Parking. Included: 12 square meter platform and equipment and location on request.

price upon request

Wunder Parking was born from a desire to transform cities profoundly. Our aim extends beyond solving parking issues. We're dedicated to reimagining urban spaces, fostering vibrancy, accessibility, and sustainability. Our journey is about turning this vision into a reality, step by step.


Our Philosophy

Using the urban mobility transition to impulse positive change

A growing number of cities are taking steps to limit car traffic in response to ecological and climate concerns. Consequence : the number of needed parking places decreases. At Wunder Parking, we believe that this newly freed-up space should be put to new uses. We offer a pioneering solution: using parking space for shared activities.

Making Cities vibrant: Rediscovering Public Spaces

In an era where bustling cities can sometimes feel impersonal, we are on a mission to dynamise public spaces. We want to transform parking lots into places of social interaction, where loved ones can get together, but also strangers can meet, engage in conversations, and build meaningful relationships. 

Making Cities for you: Owning public space

Say goodbye to the frustrations of hunting for hotel rooms or enduring long queues at your favorite café. Wunder parking encourages you to do outdoors what you usually do indoors. Take over the urban vacant space and bring your life style to it. 


Making cities affordable: Access and Affordability

Financial constraints should never hinder anyone from experiencing the essence of a city. Wunder Parking is committed to making essential activities accessible at reduced prices. Our platform serves as a gateway to affordable city exploration, ensuring that your essential needs are met without breaking the bank.

Making cities resilient: Paving the Way for Sustainable Urban Living

Cities are marred by traffic congestion and excessive carbon emissions. At Wunder Parking, we’re advocating for a greener urban future by showcasing the potential of repurposing parking spaces. We hope to help reduce the number of cars on the streets, leading to cleaner air and a healthier environment.


Positive Recommendations
Cups of Coffee
Happy People

Our Product

We’ve created a multimodal urban platform that nestles into the city’s empty parking spaces. Adaptable to any urban context, it can host any kinds of activities, from a café table to a concert stage, a bedroom or a coworking space.  

Want to meet other users?
Need someone for your Tarot game or want to join a Karaoke evening ? If you booked the Wunder Parking for a session, you can indicate if some places are still available. If you want to join a session, you can see in real time if there are any places left in upcoming activities!

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“I think it is wonderful. I felt at home right away. I thought it was very cool that passers-by came by and talked to us. It's a special opportunity to be here.”
Start-up Founder
Dinner, 11/09/2023
“I deeply believe that the public space is there for all of us. To play on the Wunder Parking means for me to conquer a part of it”.
Theater Performance, 12/09/2023
“I think the idea is amazing. I spent one year struggling to get super expensive flats. Berlin lacks places to live, it’s a crazy competition. So I really think it's great to be able to sleep somewhere for cheap. And it's a bit of a change!"
Overnight, 14/09/2023

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